Professional and Personal Development Seminar

Having a thorough, effective Career Plan is imperative for client success.

The reality is that you just do not have the time, staffing, and resources necessary to help each client develop an out-standing Career Plan.

This is frustrating and overwhelming for Program Coordinators who are working very hard yet often find themselves overextended.


PIC Consulting has developed an innovative, 2 day Seminar for participants.

The Seminar will give clients all of the tools, resources, and information necessary for success. As a result, each client will have an individualized, solid, step by step, realistic, and effective Career Plan that will lead them to self-sufficiency.

Participants will know exactly what they need to do to reach self-sufficiency. They will discover the essential elements of an effective Career Plan and the 5 questions that everyone
must answer in order to achieve success.


PIC Consulting’s Professional and Personal Development Seminar is the definitive model created from 25 combined years of experience designing and implementing self-sufficiency programming and being at the vanguard of self-sufficiency efforts in Southern California.

The 2 day Seminar covers the following topics:

The Career Planning Process
Values and Interests
Skills and Abilities
Career Options, Career Ladders/Lattices
Demand Occupations and Labor Market Trends
Goal Setting
Credit and Debt Management
Homeownership and Asset Building
Self-Sufficiency Wage/Budget
Soft Skills for Successful Employment
Removal of Barriers
Accessing Resources
Networking/Community Building
Motivational Components/Personal Triumphs


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