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PIC Consulting is committed to continuously raising the expectations for ourselves and for self-sufficiency professionals, in order to effect meaningful change in the lives of clients. Helping participants reach true self-sufficiency is our main goal. We accomplish this everyday by delivering only the highest quality, comprehensive, engaging, and inspiring work.

Kathi Thomas-Gibson, M.P.A
. has more than 20 years of experience in the human services field. She spent 10 of those years serving clients in Section 8 and public housing
as a Supervisor of Resident Services. She has managed Welfare-to-Work, Moving-to-Work, and multiple ROSS funded programs.

Ms. Thomas-Gibson has created and implemented high quality self-sufficiency programming and has done extensive training for housing authority staff across the Western United States. She is the co-founder of the Southern California Family Self-Sufficiency Network, a professional enhancement group. Ms. Thomas-Gibson led this group and often counseled new FSS Coordinators in the development of their own FSS Program.

Ms. Thomas-Gibson has actively worked in both the not-for-profit and government realms to establish and sustain effective, client oriented collaborations. She has successfully written multiple grants worth millions of dollars and helps agencies work toward program sustainability.
Lizette A. Galicot, M.A. has over 21 years of experience designing and managing national award-winning Resident Services and FSS Programs.

Her expertise is the culmination of learning acquired through 18 years of designing and implementing the FSS Program and being at the forefront of self-sufficiency efforts in San Diego.

Her experience includes the development of best practices by experimenting with a variety of workshops, program designs, policies, and procedures. Each iteration brought new learning about what the FSS participant needs to reach true self-sufficiency, and the most effective ways of providing that to the client.

Ms. Galicot has managed a high-performing, 18 staff Resident Services department, the creation, implementation, and evaluation of seven public housing Learning Centers (including academic, computer, leadership, and prevention curricula and evaluation tools), a Mobile Medical Clinic, a senior/disabled program, department personnel, budget, and administrative functions, and collaboration and contract monitoring.

Ms. Galicot has developed technical training manuals and materials for professional instruction and she has conducted multiple training seminars and capacity building programs for staff, contractors, service providers, and clients.


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