Professional and Personal Development Seminar

How do we know?

Here is what Seminar attendees are saying:

"I had heard so much about this training, that I was wondering if it would live up to the hype - I can now say 'it definitely does!' It more than exceeds the expectations - I highly
recommend it!"

- J.T., FSS Coordinator, Alabama

"Very unique and thought-provoking look at FSS - every Executive Director, Section 8, and Public Housing Director should attend this training"

- D.C., Section 8 Director, MS

"...A number of us had the opportunity to attend the American Association of Service Coordinators' conference on two separate occasions where workshops were offered by PIC Consulting. This occurred once in Washington, DC and then again in Anaheim. Those of us who attended were so impressed by the quality of the workshops that we brought
the information back to our regional group.

“...Many workshops are offered by various organizations including Nan McKay, NAHRO, NeighborWorks, etc. However, the caliber of the trainings offered by these former FSS Coordinators is remarkable. They bring a wealth of personal experience in the area of program development and service coordination. They work in an extraordinarily dynamic and complementary manner. Lastly there is a depth and intelligence that they bring to this work that has the potential to transform those who participate. We believe this training will give us poweful new tools to offer our FSS participants and enable us to fulfill HUD's objective of moving families to greater economic independence"...

- G.S., Senior FSS Coordinator and Leader of the regional FSS Coordinators group, in a letter to PHA Executive
Directors, CA.

"I have had FSS training on the regulations but I can truly say your training cleared it up for me"

- T.M., Housing Client Services Coordinator, LA.

"Awesome training! The knowledge that the presenters had on FSS is priceless! This is by far the best training I EVER had!"
- Y.T., FSS Coordinator, MI.

“The Seminar was excellent!! The speakers were very helpful and enthusiastic. The information I received in these two days will be life long and I only wish that everyone is able to get these tools. Thank you.”


As a result of participating in the Seminar you will have:

Higher client success:
• Your clients will have the necessary tools to succeed.
• They will be prepared with an effective Career Plan that they
. are excited about and that they can follow.
• Your clients will reach their goals and more clients will
. graduate.

Higher client success means higher success for you

• You will meet your numbers.
• You will get more funding because you will have
.. solid results.
• It is great recognition for you personally and for your program
. and your agency as well.

You will be working smarter, not harder:
• Your job will become more manageable.
• You will not drain yourself; you will accomplish more without
. overextending yourself.

It Is All Done For You!

You just need to get your clients and yourself there…










  • 96% rated the Seminar as “very valuable overall”.
• 92% stated “the Seminar helped me plan my career”.
• 91% stated “because of the Seminar, I am excited about my
. career possibilities”.
• 93% stated “I felt that my participation in the Seminar was
. important”.

“I have been to many training programs and conferences, but this two day Seminar is by far one of the most thorough and organized. The presentations were excellent. The presenters
were outstanding.”

“I loved the Seminar. These two days opened my eyes and made me realize exactly what I need to do in order to really become self-sufficient. It has been a life-changer for many.
Please keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you so much for this program.”

“I feel that a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to me. I feel optimistic about my future even though I’m physically challenged. Instead of dreading looking for a
job, I’m excited to start a new career.”


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