Administrative Services


There are two things that you absolutely must have in order to attain an outstanding program:

1. High Quality Staff: It is imperative that you choose the best staff and the correct training to maximize success. You need the right staff with the right training, and the right attitude.

2. Solid Program Design:
The quality of your program design directly impacts the success of your clients. You must have clear policies and procedures, clear performance standards, and clear outcome measurements.

PIC Consulting designs strategies that will:

  • Assess needed solutions for high quality
    staff before you begin screening potential

  • Assess skills, knowledge, and abilities
    needed for program success.

  • Design questions and screening tools that
    will yield the desired results.

  • Screen potential employees in conjunction
    with your key staff.

PIC Consulting can develop systems and tools for
Contract Monitoring, Personnel Management, and
Budget Analysis, as well as develop Training
Manuals for staff.


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