FSS ACADEMY: Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator Professional Certification Program

This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Provider #886530214-6010) for 20 Continuing Education contact hours.

PIC Consulting’s FSS Trainers were FSS Coordinators for over 15 years.  Our FSS Coordinator Professional Certification Program is based specifically on what an FSS Service Coordinator needs to know in order to be able to deliver solid work on a daily basis, and achieve a successful, productive, and effective FSS Program.  It is, in effect, what nobody tells us as FSS Coordinators.  We are teaching others what nobody told us and what took us years to figure out.

The 3 Things You Must Know Before You Make Your Decision…

1.   I’m Already Certified”

You may be certified in FSS Regulations and/or Case Management, and that is good, baseline information to have. It is, however, not enough.

The information that we cover in our Certification Program is completely different and you haven’t received it in any training, because it has never been available. We know, because we desperately needed it when we were FSS Coordinators. 

We looked thoroughly for it and we couldn’t find it anywhere! So we had to create it ourselves. Read on for more details…

2.   Why It’s So Difficult To Run a Successful FSS Program Without This Information…and Why You Won’t Find It
      Anywhere Else 

Traditionally, the only training that has been available for FSS Coordinators is FSS Regulations and Case Management.  And it is important to have that information.  You need to know the FSS regulations if you’re going to run an FSS Program. The problem is that it is definitely not sufficient. 

The regulations are just the shell of the Program.  They don’t tell you how to implement the Program or how to put it into practice.  For example, the regulations say that you may do interim withdrawals.  That’s all they say about that.  So the Coordinator is left with many questions and no guidance about how to implement it:

  1. How much money do I approve?
  2. What expenditures do I approve?
  3. What does a client need to do to be eligible for an interim?
  4. Should I give a client the entire escrow amount or just a portion?
  5. Can one client receive multiple interims or just one?
  6. How do I track it?  How do I document it?
  7. How do I ensure that the money is used on whatever it was approved for and not for something else?

That is what we face daily as FSS Coordinators.  And we don’t have the answers.  So we go back to the regulations and they say that you may do interim withdrawals.  You won’t find the answers to your questions there.  Going back to the regulations to get the answer to a practical implementation question is like having a math problem and going to the dictionary for the answer.  It is not there!  You won’t get the answers you need for the practical, day to day implementation questions, in the regulations.

PIC’s comprehensive training provides the answers to all of the practical implementation questions and arms you with all of the tools that you need to have to be able to run an outstanding FSS Program.  Click the button below to see our Program Outline.

3.   How FSS Coordinators Are Essential to a Housing Authority’s Bottom Line  

Most Housing Authorities have an FSS Program because it is a HUD mandate.  If FSS is not a high priority for your Housing Authority, it is probably because they do not see the immense value that an outstanding FSS Program can have.

Housing Authorities are in the business of housing people temporarily.  FSS Coordinators are the critical Agency staff who can have a real impact on the “temporarily” part.

FSS Coordinators can have a high impact on the Housing Authority’s bottom line by producing an outstanding FSS Program where clients are graduating successfully, becoming truly self-sufficient, moving out, and purchasing homes.  Equipped with the right training, tools, and information this is absolutely possible.

If we do our job right, and deliver clear, solid results that are in line with Agency goals, our Housing Authority will realize that we are not just valuable, but necessary contributors to their bottom line.

We did it.  So can you!  PIC Consulting’s training is based on real-life, proven success running an FSS Program that became a vital part of the Housing Authority’s bottom line.  We lived it and we successfully achieved it.  Now we can train it.

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